Kirby Blows Up Cappy Town is the first episode of Kirby: Not Right Back at Ya!.

Plot Edit

Kirby blows up Cappy Town.

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Script Edit

Scene 1 Edit

KIRBY is flying in his starship while shooting stars.

KIRBY: Boom... boom... boom-- huh?

KIRBY notices a planet shaped like a star

KIRBY: Wow! What a big star! I'm gonna shoot that one.

KIRBY shoots the star, but the laser bounces back to him.

KIRBY: Wha--

The laser hits the starship and it crashes on the planet.

Scene 2 Edit

KING DEDEDE finds the ship wreck.

KING DEDEDE: Whoa! What's this?
KIRBY: Hey! Hands offa my ship, will ya!

KIRBY comes out of his crashed ship, and notices the landscape.

KIRBY: Wow... how ugly.

KIRBY notices Cappy Town.

KIRBY: Hey! What's that?
KING DEDEDE: It's called a--
KIRBY: I didn't ask you anything!

KIRBY goes to Cappy Town and meets TUFF.

TUFF: Why hello the--
KIRBY: Shut up!

KIRBY notices a bomb shop and runs to it.

Scene 3 Edit

KIRBY is in the bomb store.

KIRBY: One super-ultra-hyper-big bomb please!
SHOP OWNER: Here you go, fella.

KIRBY runs out with the bomb in his hands.

KIRBY: Hehehe... idiot.

KIRBY lights the fuse and runs to a safe spot.

KIRBY: Here we go!

The bomb explodes, sending most of its residents to random planets in space. TUFF just arrives.

TUFF: What have you done?! You blew up Cappy Town!
KIRBY: Well duh! The title of this episode is called "Kirby Blows Up Cappy Town", right?
TUFF: Oh yeah... I guess that makes sense.
KIRBY: So I blew up Cappy Town, so what?
TUFF: Nevermind. They were boring anyway.
KIRBY: Whatever. Anyway, I'm leavin--

KIRBY notices his starship being destroyed by the blast.


Morals Edit

None yet.