Kirby Sucker Star is another Kirby shame. It exists out of 8 different sub-shames.

Sub-shames Edit

Fall Storm Edit

A pointless remake of Kirby's Nightmare State.

Dyna Bud Edit

A run through of pointless levels to a mountain where you fight Dyna Bud

Mud Race Edit

Racing against Dedede.

Small House Defensive Edit

Kirby is trapped in a house and needs to get out. Includes 1 treasure chest.

Meta Knight's Tea Party Edit

Kirby needs to get to Meta Knight's tea party on the Halboat.

Milky Way Washes Edit

Kirby must do a pointless quest to wash himself in the Milky Way

The Surprise Party Edit

A surprise party.

Mini-Shames Edit

  • Megapound Push: Players participate to push a block. The one who pushes the block 1 mm first, wins!

Overall Edit

Fall Storm was the hardest sub-shame.