Kirby Sucker Star Hyper is a remake of Kirby Sucker Star. It includes more sub-shames than the previous game, wich all were worse, since they all were remakes.

New Sub-Shames Edit

Revenge of the Loser Edit

A pointles remake of a pointless remake of Kirby's Nightmare State.

Annoyer to Zero Edit

A sub-shame where you play as one of twenty Annoyers, defeating food along the way.

Meta Knightdream Hyper Edit

Meta Knight dreams that he plays Kirby Sucker Star, and loses all sub-shames (except Mud Race, The Surprise Party and the mini-shames, because he is mad that he loses all the time). Then he throws his console out of the window.

The True Surprise Party Edit

Since The Surprise Party was just a set-up acting of really bad actors, this is the real surprise party.

Overall Edit

Revenge of the Loser was the hardest sub-shame, next to Fall Storm, but many players consider Meta Knightdream Hyper the hardest sub-shame because you have to lose there.